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Black Pink's 'As If It's Your Last' MV hits 20 million views in record time

By elliefilet   Saturday, June 24, 2017   99,247   28,074   0



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Black Pink's music video for "As If It's Your Last" has hit 20 million views on YouTube in record time!

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The girl group reached 10 million views in just 17 hours, and it looks like they've made another record. Black Pink brought in 20 million views for their "As If It's Your Last" MV in 47 hours, which is the fastest time of any K-pop MV.

Congrats to Black Pink!

  1. Black Pink
  2. as if its your last

Fairytaleending 29 days ago

Yas b! this armyxblink streamed!

DavidJosh1811 29 days ago

AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST Piano Version for everyone:

addicthere 29 days ago

ji soo always caught my eyes, but wow rose is beautiful.

BigBlueagain 29 days ago

Old News. It's approaching 30 mil now. ;)

WHY_SO_SERIOUS17 BigBlueagain 29 days ago

30M views just in 4days. Wwooowww 👏👏👏👏

BigBlueagain WHY_SO_SERIOUS17 29 days ago

I'm thinking 50m in a week is not a problem. ;)

WHY_SO_SERIOUS17 BigBlueagain 29 days ago

I think we gonna hit 50M views in 8-9 days. But who knows just give our best ^.^

ygbad_boy BigBlueagain 28 days ago

what?! when did this happened?! xD

BigBlueagain ygbad_boy 28 days ago

It hasn't. I said "approaching". It's less than 100k away from it.

WHY_SO_SERIOUS17 BigBlueagain 28 days ago

We did it we did it!!!!! 30M views in 4days, that's INSANE!!!!

ygbad_boy 29 days ago

The song is dope! Majimak cheoreom... Ma-Ma-Majimak cheoreom...

whatever101 29 days ago

i was busy at Kcon through the weekend so i practically fell off my chair when i opened up their 3 day old video to see they had already amassed 20+ million views when nowadays getting 2 million 1 day is considered legendary, literally DEAD @_____@ 

WHY_SO_SERIOUS17 30 days ago

On June 25 at 4pm KST, BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” Tops The Biggest Chinese Music Chart, QQ Music. You better not sleep on this AKP!!!!

shyloone Saturday, June 24, 2017

Congrats BlackPink,Im not a fan of the song right now, might grow on me who knows,

soundxcrash shyloone 30 days ago

thats cool though but still awesome that u viewed and supported. this song was meant as a Fan Thank u song hence why its more on the Pink side they said it was meant for there fans as a thank u for what they do showing the love. but there comeback song still hasnt hit so im sure its gonna be poppin. this was like a new version of blackpink fun and new and old school flash of yg and who they admire. which is pretty cool.

weirdchubbygirl Saturday, June 24, 2017

Am I surprised? No. That's pretty insane though.

Wecnbedvine Saturday, June 24, 2017

Everybody this generations ACTUAL New Nations Girl Group

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