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Pop Quiz: How well do you know EXID?

By beansss   Friday, February 17, 2017   37,498   3,150   26



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The girls of EXID celebrated their 5th anniversary since debut yesterday, on February 16! As special as anniversary #5 is for both EXID and their fans, or LEGO, how about a little pop quiz to commemorate the occasion? 

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Whether you're a 5-year-old LEGO, a listener of a few of EXID's best hits, or just a passerby, take the quiz below and test yourself. How well do you know the girls of EXID?

Happy 5th anniversary, EXID!

Add all former and current members of EXID.

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

  • 5

Which EXID member appeared on a kids' science program as a child?

  • Hyerin

  • Hani

  • Junghwa

  • LE

Who is Solji's older brother's ideal type?

  • LE

  • Hyerin

  • Hani

  • Junghwa

Which composer made up the group name EXID?

  • Brave Brothers

  • Shinsadong Tiger

  • J.Y. Park

  • Duble Sidekick

What season of 'Show Me The Money' did LE try out for?

  • Season 4

  • Season 1

  • Season 5

  • Season 2

Which brand were EXID not a model for?

  • Sprite

  • Akiii Classic

  • Pepsi

  • Tissot Watches

What mask/costume did Hyerin wear during her appearance on 'Mask King'?

  • Fresh Santorini

  • Victorious Cheerleader

  • Make a Fortune

  • Golden Time of Miracle

Name an artist Hani has not collaborated with.

  • VIXX's Ken

  • Defconn

  • C-Clown

  • f(x)'s Luna

On what 'Gag Concert' skit did EXID make a guest appearance?

  • 'Sunbae, Sunbae'

  • 'Discoveries in Life'

  • 'King of Viewership Ratings'

  • 'President Hyung'

Which celebrity is not a look-alike of one of the EXID members?

  • B.A.P's Daehyun

  • Lim Won Hee

  • TWICE's Tzuyu

  • Song Ji Hyo

  • Pop Quiz: How well do you know EXID?

    You're... #1 LEGO in the universe!!!

    You are undoubtedly and unconditionally the #1 LEGO in the universe. You've devoted your entire life to EXID. That's awesome, friend. Way to go!
  • Pop Quiz: How well do you know EXID?

    You're... LEG (without the O)

    You're a LEG, which means you're a LEGO in the making! You know plenty about EXID, you love them a lot, and the next time they make a comeback, you'll surely add the O to your LEG.
  • Pop Quiz: How well do you know EXID?

    You're... K-Pop Noob

    You must be a K-Pop Noob. Maybe you got into K-Pop after hearing EXID's hit song "Up & Down". No worries, friend; before you know it, you'll have so much K-Pop knowledge in your brain, you could earn a degree in K-Pop.
  • Pop Quiz: How well do you know EXID?

    You're... Muggle, what u doin' on allkpop?

    K-netizens often refer to non-K-Pop fans as "muggles", just like non-magic people in the world of 'Harry Potter'. You, my friend, may have stumbled onto the wrong site, and accidentally took a quiz on a group called EXID, thinking it was a personality test to see what horoscope you're most compatible with.


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  1. EXID
  2. LE
  3. Hani
  4. Junghwa
  5. Solji
  6. Hyerin

seesaw4ever Sunday, February 19, 2017

LOLSo I'm kpop noob whose certainly got into kpop after hearing Up&Down. XD Try Rainism instead... But I admit I'm an EXID noob.Why did I get so offensed in the first place?

 0Reply Report Share

Ryo69 Saturday, February 18, 2017

They are right for once! "What am I doing in allkpop!"

 0Reply Report Share

lilwinster2k Saturday, February 18, 2017

So I'm apparently a noob. That's cool because I never take my time to get into groups anyways. Don't know why, but sometimes I just avoid that idea completely.

 0Reply Report Share

ot9isforeveridc Saturday, February 18, 2017

They called me a muggle. I'm offended. Ouch. After being a K-fan for 8 years.. *I'm like TT, just like TT*

 0Reply Report Share

Exo_Leia Saturday, February 18, 2017

#1 Leggo in the world... lmao I missed one

 0Reply Report Share

ShayMin Saturday, February 18, 2017

 0Reply Report Share

SicaLicka Saturday, February 18, 2017

i got 2 right

 0Reply Report Share

xSeulgi Saturday, February 18, 2017

I don't watch nearly enough shows to know about half of these.

 0Reply Report Share

eager_beaver Saturday, February 18, 2017

Me before the test: "This is going to go so well! I'm their biggest fan, I know everything about them." Me after the test: "I'm so stupid, so stupid, so stupid..."

 0Reply Report Share

kpopace9 Saturday, February 18, 2017

I knew none of the questions, yet got 6 out of 10 correct. If there are any die hard EXID fans reading this and you got below my score........shame muahahaha.

 0Reply Report Share
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