Netizens are trying to find out which girl group member was another victim of the scandal overtaking Korea

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With a recent Korean presidential scandal affecting many industries in Korea, the entertainment industry is no exception. There has been information about a girl group member who might have been a victim of unfair treatment during her high school year in relation to the daughter of Choi Soon Shil, and netizens are eager to find out who she is. 

One of many reasons Korean citizens are angry at Choi Soon Shil is the way her daughter, Jung Yoora, was able to reap unfair benefits throughout her academic and horseback riding careers because of her mother's hands in corruption. 

In an exclusive interview with Korea Joongang Daily on October 28, a former teacher at Chung Dam High School, described how Jung Yoora enjoyed exceptional treatments from her homeroom teachers while she was a student there--including missing school without any penalties; she only attended 28 days of school her senior year but was able to graduate on time. 

In the same interview, the former teacher revealed that even though Yoora could get away with almost never coming to school, an idol trainee in the same class would get scolded badly whenever she missed class. Apparently, this trainee came to the former teacher and cried, saying, "I miss school sometimes because of practice, and I get yelled at badly every time, but [Yoora] who misses way more days than I do never gets scolded. This is unfair." 

In the same article, it is mentioned that that trainee is now a member of a girl group and is active. 

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Angry netizens are trying to figure out who this idol is, calling for justice. Many celebrities and trainees attend Chung Dam High School, so it is not difficult to get a list of names who attended before.

Some speculate that it is Jihyo from TWICE, since she is the same age as Jung Yoora. Some guess that it was CLC's Yoojin who also is the same age as Jung Yoora.

Many think that the victim might have been Yoojin since it is known that she transferred to a different school during her last semester of senior year, which is rare in Korean schools. Some wonder if she transferred because she could not bear to be mistreated by her teacher when Jung Yoora always got favored. 

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    krell Thursday, November 3, 2016

    I would observe that it is reasonable to WONDER about the identity of the IDOL who *may* have been involved in the 'unfair situation' as described here. But also, I do not quite feel a 'burning need' to know the identity of the supposedly 'involved' IDOL either. And IF the IDOL's identity becomes known, *hopefully* her AGENCY will suggest that this IDOL does NOT make any PUBLIC comments about the situation. Or even PRIVATE comments either. These situations where 'a close friend/confidant' does 'pony up' a PRIVATE conversation to say DISPATCH NEWS (KR) seem always disturbing to me too.

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    fairypanda Thursday, November 3, 2016

    but yoojin is 96 liner

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    IARMY93 Thursday, November 3, 2016

    Im going through the same, i work in a school and took only 2 days off because i was extremely sick but they scolded me anyway, i also study so sometimes i take days off just to attend my exams but still they scold me for it, in my contacts it says i get to take 15 days off, last year i took only 7 in the WHOLE year and got treated like shit and others take way way more and get better treatment. the only reason im working there and tolerating is to pay for my fees, once i graduate im sooo out of this place

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