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[MVP OP-ED] How MAMAMOO romanticized sexual assault in the worst way in 'Décalcomanie'

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Recently, the quartet MAMAMOO came back with their lively song "Décalcomanie," but things got a little bit rough for them when fans noticed one unsettling problem in their MV, causing them to upload a new version.

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MAMAMOO have, oddly enough, played around with the theme of sexual assault as a concept in their MVs on numerous occasions such as in "Um Oh Ah Yeh" and now with their latest release.  While "Um Oh Ah Yeh" may have been a hilarious MV with a plethora of jaw-dropping scenes, it was no better acting out these scenes among the members, such as Hwa Sa getting too touchy feely with Solar and Solar forcing herself onto an unconscious Moon Byul, and it is now horribly romanticized in "Décalcomanie."

Whether it be for humor or not, the display of sexual assault in their music videos, alongside their carefree attitudes regarding it, has become bothersome and will be addressed in this OP:ED.



Being a MAMAMOO fan, I find their music delightful and fun, but I am against scenes such as the one in their MVs above for many reasons. 

First off, MAMAMOO's attitude regarding the elevator kiss scene is a bit shocking and offensive. In an interview Solar stated, "I tried a kiss scene in the MV this time. I didn't actually do it but pretended. I was so embarrassed and abashed at it, I was going crazy. I wanted to hide."  Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong. What bothered me is her statement about how Eric Nam would react to it: "I have to do it because it's my work, isn't it?  I think he'd be able to understand once he sees my bank book."

The fact that she was so quick to mention the money as her motive is another upsetting aspect. If MAMAMOO is such a popular group, which they are nowadays, wouldn't their image be more important to them than the couple hundreds more they can make shooting racy scenes? To put it bluntly, this is the mentality of an adult video star, not an idol.

I cannot stress enough to women, and Solar, that you don't have to do anything you don't want to, especially if it is uncomfortable for you. The fact is, as an idol, Solar has an image and integrity to uphold and by acting out sexual assault she is simply giving in and glorifying this behavior that men have control over women sexually. But after releasing this statement at their 'Memory' album showcase, it appears Solar was all for this obscene vision from the get-go.

During a press conference Solar stated, "Out of the four kiss scenes, three of the members led the kiss. We wondered what it would be like if one kiss scene was different, so I went with a different concept." She even remarked being aware of people "viewing it from a different lens" but was still "proud" of her scene.

The girls may be going for a femme fatale concept but this "mature lady-like" MV doesn't cut it for me. Where is the empowerment and accomplishment of giving into such a lewd act? If MAMAMOO were trying to convey the indulgence of sex and all its silver linings, something similar to Ga In's "Bloom" would have hit the nail on the head - not this.

While some may see a passion or "art" behind her performance, this time around, it was unnerving.

Second, the fact that sexual assault was even considered to be romanticized is insulting. Sexual assault is not a joke or some sort of concept you can try on for size. It is a traumatic experience disturbing enough that MAMAMOO's acting can trigger something for viewers that may have experienced this in their life.

But it isn't simply about victimizing either - this can convince men, or people in general, that it is OK to be forceful because this is what someone wants or expects. This kind of abrupt kiss between Solar and the actor tries to come off as romantic when, in fact, it is not the way to treat someone.

K-Dramas have been portraying the "forceful kiss" scenes for years but does it make it right or any better? Numerous dramas had moments of going way out of line and Solar's elevator scene in "Décalcomanie" is another fine example of just that. What's worse is how the public opinion going around is that the idea of the male actor being "hot" makes it acceptable. This is the exact negative effect MVs and dramas containing scenes like this have on people's minds.

People who found the scene to be OK stated, "The plot fits with that 'forceful kiss,'" "They do that in movies and shows... why can't they do it in music videos," and "A story needs to have its limits?" Fans further suggested it all boils down to Solar simply acting and questioned if she is really influencing people to behave this way?

To some extent, I still say yes, it is. Acting or not, Solar is still willingly romanticizing sexual misconduct. Being forcibly grabbed, turned around, pinned against the wall and forcibly kissed and then giving in to it can possibly lead people to believe that if someone (Solar) seems interested, forcing yourself upon that person is the next step. If a movie is portraying this concept so that you pity the victim or feel emotional turmoil, that is when it is effectively done to tell a story.

The whole scene MAMAMOO created was perturbing and they know it, hence why they deleted it and reuploaded it as the "clean" version. Hopefully, this scene wasn't another petty attempt at media attention. Speaking of media, today's media and entertainment is a bit misconstrued to the point it has desensitized viewers. 

This isn't MAMAMOO or Solar's fault completely, no, but they did participate in adding fuel to the fire. As Solar said, she wanted to do something "different" with her kiss scene. Couldn't he charmingly whisper in her ear "Can I kiss you?" or couldn't she be the one to be ambitious and make the first move in a different way from the other three? There is a way to make the scene unique without being radical.

Overall, viewers were disturbed enough that the original MV was taken down and reuploaded as a "clean version" of "Décalcomanie." Did they realize the problem and fix it? Yes. Does it make them any less wrong? No. We do have to remember idols are, to some degree, actors and must play their parts, but Solar did cross a line when she suggested doing this elevator kiss. Hopefully, MAMAMOO will drop their pushy act and start acting like ladies instead of just dressing the part.




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RAS33 26 days ago

Allkpop you can get sued for this. It ain't even the first time kpop has done things like this and let's not begin on Kdrama's so why pick on Mamamoo only? Your righting a one sided article or more like rant here.

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engelinfrei 27 days ago

So many things wrong with this article, that it's not even an article, it's a rant, reeally.This is the second time I'm trying to post my comment, I hope I remember everyhting I wrote the first time. Let me just say that I'm addressing the author directly from now on.First of all, you asking ' where is the accomplishment in giving in to such a lewd scene?', well the accomplishment is in the fact that it was Solar's choice, the fact that even if she felt embarrassed by it, she went through with the whole thing, and it was all her own decision. Also, the scene is not lewd, only by YOUR own standards. Childish, narrow- minded standards.Second, why exactly do feel offended by it? Unless it is happenning to you personally, otherwise, you come out as a whiny brat whose feelings must be taken into account at ALL times. This whole porcelain syndrome as of late where everyone feels offended by everthing is getting out of hand and you're just falling into a trend, not even understanding what it really means.Third, I can't speak for every woman and man who at some point been sexually assaulted, I can only speak from my own experience, but saying that these types of scenes are a trigger (another favorite word of you people from the instantly offended club) for a trauma due to a similar experience in the past is infuriating. What happened to me might have been 6 years ago, but stuff like this existed way before that, during that and also after. But I didn't let those types of scenes get to me. I got help, and got over it. I didn't let what happened to me define me. I wasn't about to get offended because someone decided to make a racy scene at some point in a movie, series or MV. The fact that you point out that I should feel triggered is maddening. Who do you think you are? And I know I'm not alone in this sentiment because I've had this conversation with other people with whom I share this experience as well.And since I'm on the topic of my own experience, let me tell you that the person who assaulted me didn't do it because he felt influenced by the media or he saw in a movie that a girl got forced upon until she gave in, and thought he would try it on me. It doesn't work like that. It's like saying that violent video games are the reason murderers and criminals exist. It's nonsense.Honestly, I feel like you are projecting your own fears and insecurities through this article/ rant. If a girl feels empowered my choosing to do what Solar did and also cash in on it, what does it have to with you? Also, they are idols, they shouldn't be your role models. They do what they do for entertainment, you do get that, don't you? Unless you want to become an idol yourself, I don't understand why you would want to emulate them to the point where you tell them what to do to make you feel better. You're a "professional" writer? Or want to be one? Well, try emulating Chrisitane Amanpour, maybe. And since I'm being honest here, I find AKP's lack of interest in spelling and grammar more appaling than 10 seconds of a risqué scene on a girl group MV.

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Kimleechanee 27 days ago

I am all for someone stating their opinion but when their opinion is full of bias, bashing and degrading, I draw the line. I had another comment in mind but as soon as I seen the words empowerment & accomplishment then in the same breath accuse these adult women of not acting like a lady. First, I need to see the credentials of this author. Is she suppose to be a qualified voice for all women when it comes to how we are suppose to behave? What are the guidelines of becoming a "lady"?This author needs to have several seats and open up her prudish and judgmental mind to the knowledge that consenting adults may be into alternative lifestyles that brinks on the requirement of aggression, submission, forcefulness etc. It may not be normal for you but it's quite normal for them. Not every one wants champagne, roses, and sweet words. Some want ropes, paddles, not so nice words or some like living out fantasies that are a bit daring and dangerous. GET A CLUE!!As for trying to call Solar out. Solar did the most empowering thing a woman can do. She made a decision. She stuck by her decision and she didn't apologize for making that decision. If you don't like it, then it has every thing to do with you and nothing to do with her. She is a celebrity. Her only job is to entertain you not be a moral and integrity compass for you life.

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