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Who Wore It Better: YoonA vs. Dara

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Two lovely ladies, one fashionable dress. While both Girls' Generation's YoonA and 2NE1's Dara pull off the Victorian-influenced, striped dress nicely, only once can be crowned the winner of Who Wore It Better.

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YoonA, as expected, looks captivating and alluring. Her small face but defined features seemed enhanced alongside the stripes. She brings the outfit together with fine details such as her light pink lips and midnight black gel nails (which complement the dark stripes).

YoonA made an excellent choice in wearing an up-do. The semi-messy style is pretty on her, and the up-do makes her neck appear longer while also highlighting her shoulders that peek out just a bit from the dresses' fine slits. Because she is so thin, the dress looks less large and her body seems more angular and defined in the right places. I will say, though, her star earrings are quite childish - especially for something like Vogue.

Dara exudes a form of elegance and fashion-forwardness with her dress. The large, black pumps are the main focal point and an excellent choice. They elongate her legs, which helps with the somewhat awkward length of this dress. The rich, black color of her heels goes hand-in-hand with the dark stripes and bows by the collar. I also enjoy her golden blonde hair resting against this light blue.

The red bag is bold and clearly there to kill the monochromatic color, but it also kills my pleasure in this outfit a bit. YG has a tendency of dressing the girls of 2NE1 in a more rugged, hard styles, which I see carries through in Dara's choices of handbags and other accessories. While it keeps strong to her image, it doesn't win me over visually. However, I still give points to her for rocking a designer dress effortlessly, like a comfy sweater.

In the end, I will say that I have to crown 2NE1's Dara as the winner, and here is why: although I feel it fits a bit better on YoonA's body, I enjoy Sandara's bold choices in fashion. She doesn't appear as childish as YoonA, more like a sophisticated woman. I applaud her for not only pulling it off nicely but also making her everyday life a runway!

Girls' Generation's YoonA

2NE1's Dara





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    unscrewedhorses 16 days ago

    I think the dress looks much better with the sleeves pushed up (they look too long when they're left down), and the up-do makes the dress look more elegant, so I'll give this one to Yoona.

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    Tsuntsuncat 16 days ago

    yoona is taller and looks better in it but dara still looks pretty :D

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    L_Carter 16 days ago

    Cute girls, ugly dress.

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