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Who took home awards at the 'Seoul Drama Awards 2016'?

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On September 8, stars attended the 11th annual 'Seoul International Drama Awards 2016' at the KBS Hall!

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Several international pieces took home various awards at the ceremony, but which Hallyu productions also earned a spot in the award-winners' list?

First, the winner of the 'Most Outstanding Drama' award in the Hallyu drama category was (drumroll!) 'Descendants of the Sun'!

Another 'Outstanding Drama' award in the Hallyu drama category went to currently airing MBC weekend drama 'Flower In Prison'. 

Incredibly, SBS's 'Six Flying Dragons', which aired a total of 50 episodes from 2015 to 2016, earned the 'Outstanding Drama' award in the overall full length drama category!

Next, Song Joong Ki took home the 'Best Actor' award in the Hallyu drama category for his work in 'Descendants of the Sun'.

The 'Best Actress' award in the Hallyu drama category went to Shin Min Ah for her role in 'Oh My Venus'. 

Finally, singer Gummy earned the honor of taking home the 'Best Drama OST' in the Hallyu drama category with "You Are My Everything", sung for 'Descendants of the Sun'. 

Congratulations, everyone!




  1. Song Joong Ki
  2. Shin Min Ah
  3. Gummy
  4. descendants of the sun
  5. flower-in-prison
  6. oh my venus

ly3330 Friday, September 9, 2016

woahhhh shin min ah looks so... old now :o

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BuddyPanda Friday, September 9, 2016

these awards are all based on popularity, ofc DOTS will win most of these. for me that drama is too cheesy and too much focus on the chemistry between the couples. the story isnt quite interesting., this year the dramas i enjoyed the most are Six flying dragons, Signal and 38 task force. and the best OST for me is Punch + Loco - Say yes

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SonELF4ever BuddyPanda • Friday, September 9, 2016

Exactly my thoughts. Gosh, i loved SIGNAL so much! Like i don't understand why it was so underrated. But you're right. Popularity has an important word to say.

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Funky_Angel Friday, September 9, 2016

Shin Min Ah's popular but I do think they should've given it to Song Hye Gyo

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