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Which K-Pop songs sound like Western hits?

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Music is universal and with the billions of songs that have been made over the past few decades it may be hard to come up with an original beat. Song recycling and looping is a given.

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Whether it is the composition, instrumental track, or the way the song is sang, there are undeniably a few tracks that sound oddly similar. This isn't meant to point fingers with "who stole from who" but merely highlight the similar sounds found in each.

Check out these K-Pop songs that sound like other hits!

April Kiss' "Hello Bus" & Pussycat Dolls' "When I Grow Up"

The tracks are basically twins, as these ladies sing along to the tune of Pussycat Dolls "When I Grow Up." The instrumental, especially during the chorus, share huge similarities.

TRITOPS' "I'm A Bad Guy" & Bruno Mars's "Grenade"

Both of these sad, tragic ballads share that same addicting melody. While Bruno Mars incorporates a heart-touching piano melody, TRITOPS swaps it out with violins and synthesized guitar strums, emulating the same tune.

SPICA's "Lonely" & Girls Aloud's "Can't Speak French"

Not only do the instrumentals go hand in hand but also the style of singing the lyrics is the same. If you loved SPICA's "Lonely," it is a given you will love Girls Aloud just as much.

T-ara's "Day by Day" & Britney Spears' "Criminal"

Although both songs are great, Britney is innocent in this case. While not a pure criminal of plagiarism, T-ara's "Day by Day" has an eerily similar flute riff in the opening and carry out the same melody and feeling throughout their song just like Britney.

NS Yoon-G's "Wifey" & Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real"

NS Yoon-G offers a new kind of sexy style with "Wifey," and it seems some sampling was found along the way. Both songs are smooth, R&B tracks with a catchy beat that make them both lovable. However, J. Lo and Ja Rule are a classic!

Fat Cat's "Is Being Pretty Everything?" & Jessie J's "Price Tag"

While Fat Cat was going with a more sweet, heartfelt melody, "Is Being Pretty Everything?" shares the same melody as the sassy and fun "Price Tag." Same song, different message.

EXID's "Whoz That Girl" & Guy Sebastian's "Who's That Girl"

I must admit, EXID's version is a lot more uplifting and energetic, both songs have a lot in common. From the dramatic opening climax to the faint guitar strumming, both songs want to know, "Who's that girl?"

Girls' Generation's "Be Happy" & Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"

Although "Born This Way" is a bit more epic, the somewhat unnoticed track of Girls' Generation appears to have had a healthy dosage of Lady Gaga. However, it was noticed that "Be Happy" was released in 2010 - so Lady Gaga might be the culprit in this circumstance. In the words of Beyonce, "You've been a bad girl, Gaga. A very bad, bad girl, Gaga!"

2NE1's "In The Club" & Mariah Carey's "Standing O"

Both of these songs are easy to jam to; they share an easily noticeable beat and chorus. The catchy "Oh, Oh, Oh" is a formula for any pop song, but 2NE1 and Mariah seem to share the same producer for this track.

HyunA's "Bubble Pop" & Britney Spears' "How I Roll" & Fergie's "Clumsy"

Believe it or not HyunA and Britney had the same sexy approach in mind when creating their songs. Aside from the lusty tones, the famous "oohs" and "ahhs" can be heard throughout each track alongside the bubble-popping sounds. For the beat, the track carries over that sassy, brassy sound of Fergie's popular "Clumsy."

f(x)'s "Red Light" & Phrased Differently's "Red Light"

Not only do they share the same title but also the song is exactly, 99.8% the same. You may have thought f(x)'s edgy comeback was unique, but sadly Phrased Differently was dropping this same sick beat on the dance floor.

Girls' Generation's "Born To Be A Lady" & Demi Lovato's "Mistake"

While Demi Lovato's track may be a bit more upbeat, no one can deny that their opening and subtle shifts in melody during the bridge are the same. "Born To Be A Lady" may be a bit more touching, but both songs share the same beat with a different purpose.

EXID's "Hot Pink" & Missy Elliot's "Work It"

Ohh, the famous cow bell jingle! The moment EXID's "Hot Pink" was released, the opening must have rang a bell (Get it?) with some American rap lovers as Missy Elliot made this sound unforgettable in her track "Work It."




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ShayMin Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hot Pink and Work It? Who wrote this shit?

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iMidnight_Yoshid ShayMin Saturday, September 17, 2016

They're talking about the cow bells specifically. lol Skip to 4:02 in the Missy video and you'll hear the beginning of "Hot Pink". Different instruments were used, but the beat is the same.

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Saav Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hot Pink and Missy eliot sound nothing alike

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parkkkkwp Thursday, September 15, 2016

are these all "sounded like western hits" or "korean version of these english songs" ;___;

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