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[Album & MV Review] Luna - 'Free Somebody'

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Track List:

1. Free Somebody
2. Breathe
3. Keep On Doin'
4. I Wish
5. Galaxy
6. My Medicine

Luna of f(x) fame has dropped her first solo album 'Free Somebody.' The six-track EP features the title track written by American singer-songwriter JoJo, and two of the songs were written and composed by Luna herself. The album, of course, is already slaying it, debuting at no. 3 on Billboard's World Albums Chart.

The disc is equally divided between more beat-heavy dance tracks and ballads, alternating between the two as you make your way through the EP. The album kicks off with the title track "Free Somebody," a sweet piece of electro-house that gets better on each listen. I love the chord progression that builds up to the powerful vocal fireworks. I didn't know she could do that with her voice, but I'm glad she did.

One of two songs with her name on them, "I Wish" is a ballad. More a torch song, it's got a jazzy style that caught my ear, but is still very much its own beast. Rather than slavishly follow the traditional ballad format, this one features warpy synths and control from start to finish. Electronic effects are always something I welcome, and they're used to great effect here. Luna's vocals are dreamy and wistful, soaring over the hi-tech backdrop. Beautifully done.

"My Medicine" is Luna's other song, and this one has a personal story behind it. It's dedicated to her mom, and she thanks the woman in the lyrics. The song is given more traditional instrumentation, and the sparsity works in its favor, gives it more emotional punch. It's a pretty tune; the vocals sound needy and tug at the heart.

"Keep On Doin'" is different from the other songs on the album. In contrast to the dance songs and ballads, it owes a lot to R&B, and is mid-tempo EDM. Luna's vocals here are fantastic, starting easy and seductive, gradually growing in power to dominate the song. There's some nifty effects towards the end, burying the vocals as she ad-libs on top of it all. Definitely a style she should 'keep on doin'.'

This solo effort should stand as a jewel in Luna's crown. It was nice that she is able to bring her songwriting chops into this -- it makes it more personal and we get a glimpse into what makes the vivacious vocalist tick. I hope that she gets even more of a chance to shine in f(x); she's already freed me. :)


Luna hooks up with a guy who catches her eye, and soon enough the world becomes stranger, animated with simple shapes and bright colors. We get shots of Luna and her backup dancers, cobbled together with some awesome animation.

Much of this video is given over to a cartoon carnival, scene after scene of an animated wonderland. In fact, most of the time she's with the guy is when those scenes appear. It makes me wonder what it was he popped in his mouth in the beginning. Was he freeing his mind?

I love the animated shots, and the way it shifts from one to the other organically, from live-action to cartoon. We get a look into a world where nothing is static, and things can change at any time. The animation was well-done, totally 60s-70s style, and totally trippy. I'd love to see more MVs like this.


MV Relevance
MV Production........10
MV Concept.............9
Album Production...9
Album Concept........9


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    1. Luna
    2. free-somebody

    LunaLover Tuesday, August 16, 2016

    I would give it a 9.5

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    beyondmusic Sunday, June 19, 2016

    Love this album! What a pleasant surprise that Jojo wrote the title song. I love Jojo! My favorite is breathe

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    cococcchanel Sunday, June 19, 2016

    Precisely the two songs I love the most of the album (except for Free Somebody) wasn't reviewed…

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