Olympian Park Tae Hwan once had feelings for bride-to-be Han Hye Jin?

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Olympian swimmer Park Tae Hwan showed his love of competition by making soccer athlete Ki Sung Yong a little jelly after sharing his past attraction to actress Han Hye Jin.


On the June 3rd episode of 'Healing Camp', Park Tae Hwan greeted MC Han Hye Jin, "Sister-in-law, it's my first time meeting you," and revealed, "I'm close friends with Ki Sung Yong, and they announced the news [of their marriage]. She looks pretty face-to-face. Ki Sung Yong and I are the same age. He's an early '89 er." 

When asked what he thought of Han Hye Jin, Park Tae Hwan replied, "On a regular basis? This is from the past, but I once mentioned my attraction to Han Hye Jin after seeing her on TV. She has a graceful, [family-oriented] image. She seems like the type who would make a good housewife. Those thoughts were going through my head, but it ended up like this. I guess that image wasn't reality. I received the wedding invitation. Although I don't want to go, it's an important day, so I told him that I would go to congratulate him," bringing chuckles with his sparks of jealousy. 


When asked if he is a 'noona slayer', Park Tae Hwan revealed, "I'm comfortable around people who are older than me, so I always saw Han Hye Jin in a good light but an 8-year age gap is a little..." Han Hye Jin hilariously defended herself, saying, "Honestly, because Ki Sung Yong is an early '89 er, it's actually a 7-year age gap."

It seems Park Tae Hwan lost the love competition this time, but there are plenty of fan girls waiting in line for his heart!  


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exoticsunite Monday, June 10, 2013

she's so lucky! :o

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sehunbaby Sunday, June 9, 2013

Awh shes so pretty :D

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