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Psy represents Gangnam on Google's Treasure Map

April 1, 2013 @ 11:51 pm
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Psy gained the honor of representing the Gangnam district on Google's Treasure Map (check it out here)!

The Treasure Map function on the Google Maps was launched as part of the humorous April Fools jokes going around, and who else would better represent Gangnam-gu than the singer of "Gangnam Style"? Fans were amused to see a little figure of Psy doing his trademark horse dance next to the Gangnam-gu mark.

Psy himself tweeted,

This is not the first time Psy's had a little figure of himself on a Google-related feature as YouTube also gave the singer his own custom animated icon on the view count of his "Gangnam Style" music video as the only video to have over 1 billion views on the site.



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