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JYJ open up about being in Japan after 3 years

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JYJ hadn't been in Japan for the past three years since breaking away from Avex, but they never forgot about their Japanese fans and vice versa.

During a press conference for their '2013 JYJ Concert in Tokyo dome – The return of the JYJ' held on the 4th, JYJ opened up about how much they missed Japan and their fans.

Junsu shared, "When we stood on the Tokyo Dome stage three year ago, it signified a new beginning for us. Through that stage, we tried to start again as JYJ, but we never dreamed that it would be our final stage. Although we were actively promoting in Korea, we felt very frustrated that we were not able to perform on any broadcasts, concerts, and do anything for that matter in Japan, which is like our home away from home and where we conducted half of our activities. But it was an opportunity for us to become more mature.

"Before, we used to think that holding a concert and going on TV was a sure thing, but through this, we became more thankful for even the small things. When we stood on this stage again two days ago, we thought of it as us starting over and became determined to work harder. Today is our final Tokyo Dome concert, so we hope that this is not the last, but only the beginning."

JYJ made a triumphant return to Japan through their long-awaited three-day concert at the Tokyo Dome, selling out all 150,000 seats.

It's good to see them back in Japan!



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  2. 2013 JYJ Concert in Tokyo dome – The return of the JYJ


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