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ZE:A5 reveals a single frame from their upcoming music video

March 24, 2013 @ 3:08 pm
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Fan anticipation for ZE:A's much-heralded subunit, ZE:A5, has been steadily building over the past few days, with the members releasing a video teaser from "The Day We Broke Up" as well as a preview reel for the songs on their first mini-album.

Recently, the ZE:A members held a fan showcase where they released something further to whet their fans' appetites even more in the form of a single frame from their new music video.

Posted to their official Twitter account, the boys said, "Holding the ZE:A_FIVE showcase!! The album will be released tomorrow so please show it lots of love♥♥ Revealing a scene from the music video, unveiled early at the showcase!!"

The scene shows the ZE:A5 members casually lounging on the back of a farmer's truck, surrounded by bales of hay and giving off a country vibe, accentuated by a drum set and a classic guitar.

ZE:A5's full album will be released later today - keep your eyes peeled on allkpop!

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