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Yang Hyun Suk reveals Psy's new single was changed over thirty times

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Psy will be releasing his new single this April and his agency's CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed the endless effort put into creating another possible hit song to follow "Gangnam Style".

Yang Hyun Suk shared in an interview with OSEN, "For Psy's new single which will be released this April as the follow-up title track to 'Gangnam Style', which became a worldwide hit, Psy did his best and made over 30 adjustments to the song."

"Psy is the most passionate man I know among all the people I know in this world. As Psy travels from country to country around the world and during his busy schedule, he would call me almost everyday and gave his suggestions on the next single. Even after he caught a cold due to his busy schedule, I noticed he continued to focus on creating music. Of course, I am a workaholic, but I have to really raise my two hands and feet in defeat in front of Psy."

"I think Psy's passion and persistence made him into the Psy we know today. Psy brought over Yoo Gun hyung who composed 'Gangnam Style' with him to the States. He would do concerts and broadcasts in the afternoon and record music at night, and lived that lifestyle pattern for a couple months. It is a song that came to fruit after working really hard under unfavorable conditions, so the feel of the song is good and we anticipate it will bring good results."

Psy will unveil his new single for the first time at his upcoming concert on April 13th.

Are you excited to hear Psy's new single?

Source + image: OSEN via Naver


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