'Wind Blows In Winter's PD to possibly team up with KARA for a drama

March 22, 2013 @ 6:11 am
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'Wind Blows In Winter's PD Kim Kyu Tae may possibly team up with KARA for their very own drama!

DSP Media has revealed that this project is still in discussion and nothing has been decided as of yet. However, if it is made, then the show will be a five-part drama featuring one act plays led by each of the five members. It is planned to premiered in Korea first and then broadcast later in Japan. Although the members have starred in their respective dramas, musicals, and sitcoms in the past, this will be the first Korean drama in which KARA will be acting in all together!

PD Kim Kyu Tae's Republic Agency stated, "Even for directors, this type of five-part drama is a novel attempt and it is also a new challenge for KARA as actresses, so we are currently reviewing it positively. It is planned to be a melodrama, but the details have not been determined yet."

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