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Taecyeon says Gui Gui is a '10 out of 10'

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2PM's Taecyeon gave his virtual wife Gui Gui a "10 out of 10".

At the press conference for 'We Got Married - Global Edition' on March 28th, he was asked to describe Gui Gui using a song title, and he answered, "10 out of 10. Thank you J.Y. Park for making a song with such a good title."

He continued, "We began to film together as an on-screen couple. It was a fun and refreshing experience. I was worried about how to approach her because of our cultural difference, but I felt like being comfortable and relaxed during filming was more important."

Taecyeon also spoke about his first time meeting with Gui Gui, saying, "I was very shocked at our first meeting. It wasn't a bad kind of shock, but I felt a cultural difference." The two met at a cafe and ordered large hot chocolates. He wanted to do "cheers" since it was a special occasion, but in Taiwan "gunbae" means having to chug the drink down. Taecyeon said, "In the end, the drink was chugged."

He then revealed when he thinks Gui Gui is the prettiest: "I think Gui Gui is the prettiest when she greets me and smiles before shooting. Her smile is very bright. Every time we meet she greets me with a "Hello," and she looks so pretty."

On another note, 'We Got Married Global Edition' will feature Taecyeon and Gui Gui as well as F.T. Island's Hongki and Japanese actress Fujji Mina.


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