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Seungri thinks Psy is extremely cute

March 1, 2013 @ 10:33 pm
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Seungri was eager to tell his fans that he now owns Psy.

Or at least a figure of Psy.

Seungri took to his Twitter to share,

Apparently he was so much in love with the toy that he ordered it from the United States, which he shared with Psy when the "Gangnam Style" star asked, "Plz do not HIT me!!! lol But where did you get it hehe". Seungri replied, "I ordered it because it was so cute ㅜ from USA". Psy thought the reason was funny and replied, "Pft... I'm cute!?", and Seungri said, "The most cutest in the world ^^".

Would you like to purchase your own figurines of the Big Bang members?

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