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EvoL says "Get Up" on 'Music Bank'!

March 22, 2013 @ 10:24 am
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Although girl group EvoL experienced some delays with their debut, they rocked the scene with "We Are A Bit Different" and continue the streak months later!

Unlike many idol groups today who get songs from famous composers, the ladies worked on their album for themselves. Not only did Jucy work on the title song "Get Up", but leader Say also participated in making the 'crab dance' for the song.

"Get Up" is a hip hop dance song made from an acoustic guitar riff. The girls tossed away all sort of girlishness and went for simple hip hop instead. To match their simple concept, their choreography isn't complicated, and the girls just went for expressing the song as best as they could.

Once again, give it up for EvoL below!

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