CL teams up with Jeremy Scott once again for British magazine 'i-D'

March 23, 2013 @ 2:36 am
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CL isn't only gracing American magazines - she's also getting her spotlight with British fashion magazines!

She partnered up with one of her biggest celebrity fans, designer Jeremy Scott, who has often described 2NE1 as his muse, for the fierce and fashion forward pictorial in British magazine 'i-D'.

Jeremy Scott shared some of the photos through his Twitter, and like many of his other pieces, the outfits CL dons for this photoshoot will definitely capture your attention! Despite the hard to pull off pieces that we'd probably never think to try for ourselves, the 2NE1 leader had no problem modeling them with ease, whether it was a full-body fur coat or printed cropped tops.

Check out the photos below!


Tip: Raneem


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