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Who is TEEN TOP's "Miss Right"?

February 26, 2013 @ 5:05 am
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While girls are searching for their one and only "Mr. Right" out there, TEEN TOP has found their very own 'Miss Right'!

Unfortunately for the boys, they all end up crushing on the same "Miss Right" in their latest music video, who has turned out to be everyone's favorite female comedian these days, Shin Bora!

With her silky long hair and easy going nature, the comedian managed to capture the heart of every member in the video, earning the jealousy of fans.

To commemorate the release, the boys snapped a photo with the comedian, striking the signature pose from Shin Bora's past 'Gag Concert' segment, 'Brave Guys'. Changjo was the one to tweet the photo, writing, "Wow, a commemorative picture with borabora Shin Bora noona keke. Please show 'Miss Right' a lot of love."

However, C.A.P wasn't ready to let Changjo have all the glory, and claimed Shin Bora for himself, as he displayed his arm muscles with the words, "Rather than Changjo, I will protect her," shooing away his other members.

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