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Who beat Psy's "Gangnam Style" in terms of YouTube popularity?

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Everyone knows Psy's huge success story with "Gangnam Style".

The music video became the first video on YouTube to reach over 1 billion views, and that number is still growing. However, is he really the top Korean celebrity on YouTube? To answer the question, researchers from LG Economics Lab used a YouTube analyzer to find the top 15 videos that had the most views in early February.

Out of the 15 videos, there were 4 "Gangnam Style" related videos, 5 Big Bang music videos, and 3 Girls' Generation music videos. Of course, out of all the videos, Psy's video ranked #1 with the view count currently at over 1.3 billion. "Gee" came next with about 96,400,000 views, and "The Boys" ranked #3 with 67,270,000.

However, is the view count enough to determine how popular a video is? Probably not, since a promotional video needs a good response from its viewers to have the best effect. For this reason, the researchers decided to look at the number of 'Likes' as well.

In terms of 'Likes', the best video was Big Bang's "Monster", which only ranked at #14 in terms of views. On the other hand, "The Boys" received 1.5 times more comments than the average K-pop related YouTube video, but only received 71% of the average 'Likes' ratio. As for "Gangnam Style", the video got 1.04 times more comments than average, and 87% of the average 'Like' ratio.

So which video do you think is the best K-pop video on YouTube?


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