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SISTAR19 releases unseen photos of Hyorin from music video filming

February 4, 2013 @ 11:10 pm
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SISTAR19 released unseen photos from their recent music video filming.

The ladies have been enjoying an incredible amount of popularity with their new song "Gone, Not Around Any Longer", sweeping the music charts as soon as their song was released.

To celebrate their success, Starship Entertainment shared previously unseen photos to the public and wrote, "Part 1 of the unseen cuts from SISTAR19's new song, 'Gone, Not Around Any Longer'! Hyorin couldn't keep back her tears because of the pain of parting ways! She put on such realistic acting that even the on-site mood was serious!".

The photos show Hyorin spilling tears on the bed. She was revealed to have shed tears over a period of 3 hours during the music video filming to express her pain at losing her love. As Starship Entertainment said 'Part 1', and released Hyorin's BTS cuts, it only makes sense that there will soon be a 'Part 2' with Bora coming soon.


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