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SISTAR19 achieves a 'perfect all-kill' with "Gone Not Around Any Longer"

February 3, 2013 @ 3:55 pm
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SISTAR19 has joined Leessang in achieving a certified 'Perfect All-Kill' for their hit "Gone Not Around Any Longer"!

A perfect all-kill ("PAK") happens when an individual song sweeps all of South Korea's major music charts and places first on the weekly iChart on Instiz. This marks the second 'perfect all-kill' of 2013, following Leessang's strong showing with "Tears"!

Immediately upon release, SISTAR19 took first place on real-time charts and have maintained their first place for the past four days. The sub-unit, consisting of vocalist Hyorin and rapper Bora, teamed up with producer Brave Brothers once again for their new title track, which is a song that expresses the feelings of both falling in love and drifting apart.

The lyrics talk not only about the parting, but also the growing of their body and mind. Director Joo Hee Sun, who also directed SISTAR's "Alone", also participated in SISTAR19′s new music video.

Congratulations to SISTAR19!

Check out the MV below if you missed it.

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