Producers of 'Five Fingers' issue an official apology to T-ara's Eunjung

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YEIN E&M issued an official apology to T-ara's Eunjung for booting her off from the 'Five Fingers' drama.

The apology was addressed on January 23rd to the Korean Actors Labor Union. The full apology reads,

We wish you tremendous success for your union.
YEIN E&M cast celebrity Eunjung from Core Contents Media for the role of Hong Da Mi in the SBS special drama 'Five Fingers'.
After we were done casting Eunjung, we decided for ourselves on withdrawing Eunjung from the drama 'Five Fingers' and told her so without holding adequate talks with the actress or the label and without fully understanding the T-ara situation.
Also, we hurt Eunjung's confidence by letting her hear rumors of a possible change in actresses before telling her she was withdrawn. We apologize to Eunjung and the Korean Actors Labor Union for hurting her with articles that stated the loss of production fees even though she worked diligently and actively in acting, practicing the piano, shooting for the poster, and attending the press conference. We apologize also for stopping the filming because she dyed her hair. It is the staff's fault for not trying to understand the actress' stance.
These are things that happened because of our incorrect judgment as producers even though there was no problem with Eunjung appearing on 'Five Fingers' and because we did not organize the relationship between the SBS director and the writer properly.
Because Eunjung was very hurt and we tarnished her name, we will work our best to heal her pain and her name.
We also believe that there should never be a custom where an actor / actress is withdrawn without conferring them first. We realize that from the point of view of the label and the actress, it was a shocking situation. We apologize sincerely to the Korean Actors Labor Union for making them worry about all these issues, and we will help in changing the production environment so nothing like this happens again. It is not acceptable to allow this to happen ever again, but if it does, we will follow everything the Korean Actors Labor Union instructs, and we will work hard to find a cooperation point through talks.
We are now requesting that you lift the ban that the Korean Actors Labor Union laid on YEIN E&M, saying, "The Korean Actors Labor Union bans YEIN E&M from producing dramas for 2 years".
We hope all these situations will be resolved easily, and we will work hard to create a healthy, diligent drama production environment with the Korean Actors Labor Union.

Source: YEIN E&M
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