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Crying Nut files a lawsuit against CNBLUE for copyright infringement

February 13, 2013 @ 4:36 am
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Indie band Crying Nut recently filed a lawsuit against idol band CNBLUE for violation of copyright.

The band filed against CNBLUE and FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho at the Seoul Central District Court on the 12th. CNBLUE previously performed Crying Nut's "Offside" on 'M!Countdown' back in 2010 and the recorded performance was later included in their DVD released in Japan.

CNBLUE's camp stated, "The recorded performance included in the DVD released in Japan in 2010 was put in by the manufacturer without notifying us... During the World Cup season, CNBLUE performed this song on 'M!Countdown' because the broadcast station requested it. At the time we refused the offer due to our busy schedules but the broadcast representatives stated that they would provide the instrumental and so we came on stage. After coming on stage, we realized that it was Crying Nut's song."

On their involvement with the issue, Mnet commented, "We are looking into the situation."

Update: A media outlet has obtained a statement from CJ E&M's Mnet representative, who admitted that they were the ones who asked CNBLUE to stand on the stage and that FNC were not asked before the performance was added into the DVD. He commented, "CJ E&M licensing team already reimbursed Crying Nut last year. It seems with this lawsuit, Crying Nut is also finding that CNBLUE is also responsible for getting on that stage... Since the problem arose from Mnet's program, we will take responsibility and sort this out. We are currently negotiating with CNBLUE's agency and Crying Nut. We will try our best to solve this situation."

Source + image: OSEN via Nate, Sports Donga

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