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Check out a preview of T-ara's upcoming Japanese single "Bunny Style" and choreography

February 23, 2013 @ 7:14 am
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As mentioned before, T-ara will be releasing their new Japanese single "Bunny Style"!

With their release date slowly approaching on March 20th, the girls have already been actively promoting in Japan with a series of showcase tours around various parts of the nation.

Through the 3rd day's footage aired of the girls showcase, fans were able to see more of the choreography as well as the song. As expected, T-ara once again delivers with a catchy song and choreography that will leave you humming along.

For this new single, the girls will be releasing 10 versions, with each version containing "Bunny Style" as well as a different sub-unit's song. Soyeon-Ahreum will be singing "Sign", while Qri-Boram will sing "Soap Bubbles", and Jiyeon -Eunjung-Hyomin will sing "Dangerous Love". The other versions will vary with solo tracks of each members.

Check out the preview cut of "Bunny Style" below!

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