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Channel A explain their statement which upset JYJ fans at Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

February 25, 2013 @ 4:18 pm
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Channel A explained what they meant by their statement.

On the 25th, many JYJ fans were excited as the boys performed on stage at the Presidential Inauguration Park Geun Hye. Not only was it a big honor but it was also the first time for the group to appear on broadcast television as a group. However, fans became a bit upset at Channel A for a statement made during JYJ's performance.

During the performance, a male anchor stated, "This is messy. There's something awkward. There should be lighting. We've always seen such fancy stages, so it doesn't look like a show." The female anchor for the station responded immediately, "It's because it's outside. President Park Geun Hye wanted a simple inauguration that many citizens could attend. Because of that, it's different from the concerts we normally see."

The male anchor's comment caused many JYJ fans to rise up and criticize the channel. With the influx of complaints, Channel A explained, "Because the inauguration stage was prepared in a simple way, the stage was quite narrow. They mean that it looked chaotic because of all the audience moving around, since it was the start of the performances."

Check out the performance below! What do you think?

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