2AM's Jo Kwon gives Jinwoon advice about 'We Got Married'

February 9, 2013 @ 12:25 pm
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2AM's Jo Kwon gave Jinwoon advice about 'We Got Married'.

On February 9th's episode, Jinwoon and actress Go Jun Hee, the newest couple to join the show, were given the mission to find a gift for each other.

Seeing Jinwoon wonder about what kind of gift he should prepare, Jo Kwon and Seulong stated, "Since it's the first gift, it has to be meaningful and the right price."

Jo Kwon went on, "Women like purses, high heels, accessories," and Seulong responded, "Those all cost money."

Jo Kwon, who's featured on 'We Got Married' with Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In, commented, "That's what my wife was like."Seulong added, "Ga In's a particular case. You need to prepare something meaningful."

Jinwoon then decided to write a song to Go Jun Hee as his gift.

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