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Wonder Girls' Sun shares her thoughts and concerns on getting married

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Wonder Girls' Sun pulled a joke on her fellow members, and in the process, revealed some of her thoughts on getting married.

Yenny and Yubin filled in for Sungmin and Ryeowook as DJs for KBS Cool FM's 'Super Junior's Kiss the Radio'. During the segment called 'Introduction to Dating', a text came in that said, "I'm marrying earlier than friends who are my age, so I'm worried about if I can do well."

Neither Yenny nor Yubin realized it was Sun, and connected through the phone to give her advice. Both encouraged her, saying that she would be fine. Although they had no idea at first, they started to grow more and more suspicious, leading them to ask, "Your situation is very similar to Wonder Girls' Sun. Are you Sun, and did you call by changing your voice?" Sun couldn't help but laugh in the end, giving it away that it was actually her.

After the members realized Sun had pulled a joke on them, Sun continued to reveal more of her thoughts, saying, "It hit me when I wore the wedding dress for the first time. I was so thankful all my members came. I'm happy and nervous as I take care of preparations."

Yenny responded, "Congratulations on the wedding. I know you're young, but I think you're blessed to be meeting someone so good, marrying, and having a happy life. You have to love and be happy," as she teared up.

Yubin added, "Congratulations on becoming a beautiful bride soon. You're going to be come the woman of a family. I hope you live as you take care of each other always. We'll always be supporting you by your side, so be happy."

Sun will be getting married on the 26th.


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