Rain given one-week probation

January 8, 2013 @ 12:50 pm
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The Ministry of National Defense has decided to give Rain a one-week probation.

The global star has been in the news lately for issues concerning holidays and favorable treatment for celebrities in the military. He'll be confined to the army base for one week of self-reflection.

The Ministry of Defense stated, "After a decision by the disciplinary committee of his unit, Rain will be confined to his [barracks and the army base] for seven days of [self-reflection and introspection]... He violated regulations by having private meetings while on official duty."

After photos of Rain on a date with actress Kim Tae Hee surfaced online earlier this year, many messaged the ministry's website calling for the star to be disciplined.

Rain, who enlisted in mandatory military service on October 11, 2011, will return to civilian life this coming July.

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