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Park Bom's heels fall off during 2NE1's performance at the '22nd Seoul Music Awards'

January 31, 2013 @ 4:35 pm
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Park Bom lost her heels while performing at the '22nd Seoul Music Awards'.

At the award show, 2NE1 sang their hit song "I Love You". Although the ladies commanded the stage with their usual charisma, Park Bom's heel slipped off her foot during the performance, causing her to stand on tip toes on that foot. She quickly solved the problem by taking off her other heel as well and performed on the stage barefoot.

Even though she could have been flustered by the situation, Park Bom handled the situation professionally, choosing the best option in a short amount of time. She never lost her smile even though she lost her heel at the very beginning of the performance, managed the choreography with one heel, and then continued on as if nothing had happened.

Check out the performance below, Bom already loses her heel by 0:45, and she takes off the other one by the 3:33 mark.

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