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MV for 2BiC's "Did You Forget Everything" unveiled

January 7, 2013 @ 4:28 am
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Though the talented male duo 2BiC released their new digital single, "Did You Forget Everything", on December 27th the music video was only just unveiled.

Since their debut back in March, 2BiC has captivated listeners with their impressive vocals through digital singles "I Made Another Girl Cry", "Love Again", "A Night Like This", and "After 24 Hours".

Renowned composer Cho Young Soo composed "Did You Forget Everything" which is a ballad song that features a 50-member orchestra ensemble and tells of a sad love story that is sure to comfort the hearts of the brokenhearted this winter season.

Now that the music video is released you can fully appreciate 2BiC's vision for this release!

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