JYJ to release magazine to celebrate JYJ's 1000th day

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JYJ will be releasing a magazine reflecting over their last 1000 days in Korea and Japan.

On the 21st, C-JeS Entertainment stated, "To celebrate the 1000th day since JYJ came to be, we will be releasing the interview magazine in both Korea and Japan. We will be telling the story of their worldwide English album, the world tour, and the music and dramas they worked for with their individual activities since the birth of JYJ."

They continued, "JYJ fought a lengthy legal battle against their unfair contract for 3 years. They've earned their freedom and in turn created a better environment for their hoobaes. They talked about the how they felt about being limited on their activities, and also about how hard they worked in other areas instead of giving up."

According to their label, the interview was held for over 25 hours and has 139 pages in all. It also comes with a special DVD. The members also teared up when talking about their hardships and those who helped them.

JYJ said, "We had some hard times over the last 1000 days, but we can also say we were genuinely happy. We tried hard and also met unexpected hardships, but we were able to grow that much more and learn from it. We want to share the 1000 day story where we were happy from the moment of waking up in the morning until going to sleep at night every day."

The magazine will be released in early February.
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