HaHa's real height and blood type revealed on 'HaHa's 19TV Mutiny'

January 29, 2013 @ 12:25 pm
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On the January 28th broadcast of MBC Music's 'HaHa's 19TV Mutiny', HaHa revealed his real height and blood type, which were incorrectly listed on his profile.

With the theme "Starting over from the basics," the 'Mutiny' members took a look back at their online profiles and found HaHa's profile information from 10 years ago. The cast found that HaHa's age, height, and blood type were incorrectly listed on his profile and urged him to reveal the truth.

When asked why his blood type is listed as "O" when his actual blood type is "B", HaHa revealed, "At the time, if you say that you're a B blood type, you would receive a lot of backlash. There was pressure from the agency."

The 'Mutiny' members also couldn't agree with HaHa's profile height of 174cm (5'8.5") and went on to measure HaHa's real height, which turned out to be a little over 168cm (5'6").

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