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Electroboyz show their support for K.Will & Chakun's "Even If You Play"

January 28, 2013 @ 5:39 am
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Hip hop trio Electroboyz tweeted their support for fellow member Chakun and K.Will's recent collaborative track, "Even If You Play".

Electroboyz recently shared on their official Twitter, "I hope everyone spends a wonderful week while listening to K.Will & Chakun's 'Even If You Play'! We, Electroboyz, will work hard on our new album and return, so please wait for us while listening to #EvenIfYouPlay^^."

Attached to the post was a photo of the trio showing their support by each holding a signed copy of K.Will and Chakun's single album.

Fans tweeted back, "I'll be waiting for [Electroboyz's] next album while listening to 'Even If You Play!", "I really look forward to Electroboyz's new album", "I hope it'll be another song like 'Ma Boy 2! ^^", "I enjoyed Chakun's rap and his acting in the MV", and more.

"Even If You Play", which was released on January 22nd, is a medium tempo breakup song produced by Brave Brothers and Ddol-I Park. Despite not having any promotional activities, the song has been staying strong on music charts including Bugs, MelOn, and Soribada.

In related news, Electroboyz are diligently working on their new album, which is scheduled to release within the first half of the year.

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