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Either Euna Kim or Kim Eun Bi said to be out from YGE's upcoming girl group

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It has been revealed that one of the 'Superstar K' contestants, Kim Eun Bi and Euna Kim, was recently dropped from YG Entertainment's upcoming girl group.

After the agency commented that a previously revealed girl group member is not part of the group any longer, speculations had been making their away around with fans adding their guesses about which of the revealed members had been dropped.

A representative at the agency was reached for a comment, and revealed, "Between Euna Kim and Kim Eun Bi, both of who were revealed to be the new girl group members, one was disqualified. CEO Yang Hyun Suk is personally overseeing the composition and training of the girl group so the news hasn't been revealed outside yet. Until last year, these two seemed were considered to definitely be a part of the girl group and received recognition within YG, so I don't know the exact reason why one of them was disqualified."

YG Entertainment previously unveiled Kim Eun Bi and Euna Kim's impressive cover of Sam Sparro's "Black and Gold", back in April (check it out here) following news of their recruitment into the agency, gathering hype for the upcoming group.

YG Entertainment recently started gearing up for the launching of their new girl group once again by unveiling two possible members so far, Jennie Kim and Kim Jisoo.

Source + image: OSEN via Nate


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