Boyfriend's Jeongmin tears up on 'Hello Baby'

January 18, 2013 @ 7:26 am
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Boyfriend's Jeongmin shed tears during the recording of the upcoming January 18th broadcast of KBS Joy's 'Boyfriend's Hello Baby'.

The members of Boyfriend and the children featured on the show completed filming for a music drama, and then headed to a sauna due to the freezing weather. At the sauna, they surprised Jeongmin with a birthday party, as his birthday had passed on January 2nd.

Minwoo had stolen Jeongmin's clothes, forcing Jeongmin to stay in the men's bathing area for some time. By the time he managed to get his clothes and arrive at the scene of the party, the other members and the children were prepared with a birthday cake and seaweed soup (a traditional Korean birthday dish).

Jeongmin stated, "This is so unexpected. It's a birthday party I'll always remember," expressing his thanks to the other members as he teared up unable to hide his surprise and happiness.

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