Actor Choi Jin Hyuk signs with Jung Woo Sung's agency 'Red Brick House'

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It has been announced that actor Choi Jin Hyuk has signed with actor Jung Woo Sung's agency, Red Brick House.

Red Brick House confirmed on the 8th, "On January 2013, Choi Jin Hyuk signed an exclusive contract with Jung Woo Sung's agency, and will carry out a wide range of promotional activities."

Red Brick House was started by Jung Woo Sung and his manager of ten years. It has also been revealed that Choi Jin Hyuk is the first male actor to sign under Jung Woo Sung's agency further increasing the anticipation for Choi Jin Hyuk's future activities.

Red Brick House CEO Choi Chang Gyu stated, "Choi Jin Hyuk is a talented actor with bold acting and masculine visuals, height of 186 cm, built figure, charming voice, and impressive singing ability. Through his many productions, he was able to receive a lot of love while showcasing his unique charms. As we become one family, we will do our best to showcase more of his charms and talents.

Choi Jin Hyuk also stated, "I am joyful and feel honored to join Jung Woo Sung senior who is my role model. As the new year begins, I will work hard to show an improved version of myself."

Choi Jin Hyuk gained popularity while starring in 'My Daughter the Flower', and received spotlight when it was revealed that he and co-star Son Eun Seo were in a relationship. The two actors have recently ended their relationship.

Source + image: TV Report via Nate


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