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4minute's Jihyun thanks fans for their birthday wishes

January 8, 2013 @ 10:44 pm
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4minute's Jihyun thanked her fans for wishing her a happy birthday.

The 4minute leader was born on January 9th and immediately upon hitting the 9th in Korea, maknae Sohyun was one of the first to wish Jihyun a happy birthday, tweeting, "Today is 4minute's leader, Jihyun unni's birthday ♥♥♥♥ She took a lot of selcas on my phone keke. Those photos are finally seeing light kekeke. Wish the pretty Jihyun unni a happy happy birthday♥♥♥♥".

When Jihyun later woke up, she thanked Sohyun and her fans for wishing her a happy birthday, writing, "All the fans who took care of me on my birthday and wished me a happy birthday!! All who wished me a happy birthday from far away!! Everyone, thank you so much. I'm bad at expressing it every time, but I was seriously touched ㅠㅠ! Sob sob,. Happy new year in 2013, and I love you♥".

She then tweeted a photo of wearing bunny ears and wrote, "Proof of my gratitude♥".

Happy birthday to Jihyun!

Source: Jihyun's Twitter

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