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What message is Super Junior's Eunhyuk trying to send in his recent tweet?

December 10, 2012 @ 5:57 am
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Super Junior's Eunhyuk is gaining attention for his recent tweet.

On December 8th, Eunhyuk shared a picture of a scene from the animated program, 'Anne of Green Gables.'

The captured scene showed Anne saying, "Eliza said the world doesn't run like you would like it to. But it's really awesome that it doesn't work like you would like it to. Things you haven't even thought of can happen."

The netizens are especially paying attention to Eunhyuk's tweet because he posted it after it was reported that MBC's 'Come To Play' was being canceled, although it hasn't even been a month since Eunhyuk joined the show as an MC.

After seeing his tweet, the netizens wrote, "Feel better", "My heart aches too", and "It hasn't even been that long since he joined as an MC..."

Do you think there is a hidden meaning behind this tweet?

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