TVXQ's Changmin to join Kang Ho Dong as a fixed MC for an upcoming KBS variety show

December 24, 2012 @ 3:45 am
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TVXQ's Changmin will be partnering up with MC Kang Ho Dong for a new KBS variety show!

The variety show will mark Kang Ho Dong's official comeback to KBS as well as Changmin's first experience as a fixed MC. Since his debut with TVXQ nine years ago, Changmin has maintained his focus as a singer until now.

That's all about to change with the New Year, as it's been revealed by a KBS PD that the two are working on a new show slated to be released mid-January. SM Entertainment confirmed on the morning of December 24th, "Changmin will be joining Kang Ho Dong's KBS variety show."

The content of the show, however, will be kept in top secrecy. "Even within our company, only a portion of the staff now. We're keeping the entire thing under wraps."

Although this will be his first variety outing, he's well known among the SM crowd for being the wittiest out of all of the artists. Check back for more updates!

Source + Photos: SPN via Nate

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