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T-ara criticized for Japanese Pachinko advertisement

December 20, 2012 @ 4:21 am
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An advertisement for Japanese game machines, or Pachinko, has recently been circulating the Korean web, featuring girl group T-ara as the endorsement model, which has caused a bit of a stir online, especially with Core Contents Media's latest statement on turning down alcohol endorsement deals to serve as good role models for teenagers.

On December 19th, a post called "T-ara's Pachinko Ad" surfaced, attracting many comments and much attention from netizens through both SNS and online communities, on the belief that by doing the advertisement, the girls are endorsing gambling. Although the game's object itself isn't to gamble, the machines are widely used in Japan for gambling purposes, so some felt that by the girls endorsing the game machine, they were also endorsing gambling.

With Core Contents Media releasing a comment about turning down an alcohol related commercial deal in hopes of becoming better role models for children and teenagers, who look up to idols and mimic their behavior, this advertisement has struck netizens as hypocritical.

Core Contents Media has responded, "While they did do the Pachinko advertisement, it is not for gambling."
(Note: This is the changed statement reflected on various media sites. The original statement posted before the media sites suddenly changed them, had said, "While they did do the Pachinko advertisement, it is not for gambling. Well-known actors like Song Seung Hun and Bae Yong Joon have done Pachinko ads, as well as KARA.")

So are they being hypocritical or are netizens being unfair? What are your thoughts?

Source + Image: Sports Chosun, Herald Economics via Nate, eToday



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