Sean and Jung Hye Young share photos of their four adorable children

December 30, 2012 @ 10:38 am
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On the 'Christmas Special' of KBS 2TV's 'Win Win', celebrity couple Sean and Jung Hye Young featured as guests and showed off their beautiful children.

A home family video showed the couple's four children Ha Eum, Ha Rang, Ha Yool, and Ha Yehl eating breakfast and playing with their father. Ha Yool was eating a bagel before washing his hands, while Ha Rang took a break from eating to give an adorable dance performance which brought older sister Ha Eum to laughter.

Jung Hye Young opened up about her life as a mother of four and revealed, "The busiest time is 3-5 PM. It's difficult because all of the children's returning times are different. Once on a day with heavy snowfall, the Kindergarten shuttle bus couldn't drive up to our house because it is situated on a hill. Because the arrival times of the three children are different, I go back and forth, I come home later and knock out."

When asked how she manages her career and family, Jung Hye Young shared, "If I enter a production, my husband will take care of raising the children. On a day like this when we both have to go out, our mother looks after them."

Source + image(s): OSEN via Nate


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