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Rainbow and Dal Shabet hold 'Red Christmas' coffee shop concert for Dal.Komm coffee

December 20, 2012 @ 12:50 pm
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Rainbow and Dal Shabet held a 'Red Christmas' mini-concert for their fans at a Dal.Komm Coffee shop on the 20th. The girl groups participated in the 'Veranda Live: Colors of Christmas' series.

Dal.Komm Coffee representatives previously commented, "We are launching a 'Veranda Live' project in which talented musicians will perform at 'Dal.Komm Coffee' locations all over the nation with the unique theme of coffee and music at no charge. 'Dal.Komm Coffee' is currently distinguishing itself by implementing marketing strategies utilizing music to capture the attention of customers."

Rainbow and Dal Shabet each prepared three to four of their hit songs for the 'Veranda Live' concert. A representative from Dal.Komm Coffee commented, "It'll be a chance to meet Rainbow and Dal Shabet, who've been noticed for their impressive vocals and stage manners, close up at a live concert. The 'Veranda Live' project features musicians as well as idol groups, and this will be a chance to see a fresh, musical side of the two girl groups."

Check out footage and photos from the mini-concert below.


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