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Park Bo Young to feature in SPEED's "It's Over" music video

December 7, 2012 @ 2:31 am
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Actress Park Bo Young has revealed that she will be featuring in boy group SPEED's upcoming release!

Although her trademark image has been her sweet, innocent looks, Park Bo Young will be setting that aside for a femme fatale transformation in SPEED's "It's Over", where she'll be featuring in both the drama version and the dance version music videos.

Produced by Shinsadong Tiger, "It's Over" is said to feature an addictive, powerful melody as a dance track with R&B and synth elements.

Core Contents Media is reportedly pouring their all into SPEED's upcoming album release through the aid of Shinsadong Tiger. Fans can expect a teaser image poster to be released on December 10th. The album itself is slated for release on January 9th.

In addition to the press release, SPEED's official twitter also relayed the news, as well as wishing the group's maknae Sungmin a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to Sungmin, and stay tuned for SPEED's long awaited comeback in January!

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