Mystery behind YG Entertainment's 'You.Great.' teaser revealed

December 14, 2012 @ 4:58 am
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The mystery behind the 'You.Great.' facebook page and the mysterious photos has now been solved.

The other day, YG Entertainment had tweeted a link to a facebook page with mysterious photos all with the words "You. Great.", leaving fans to guess at what this could possibly be about.

Well, it seems we were all wrong for 'You.Great.' did not turn out to be a comeback teaser for any of the YG artists, a family concert, nor even an official YG artists' merchandise store, for it has been revealed to be actually a line of office supplies?

It seems the agency and Millimeter Milligram has teamed up to launch a variety of products ranging from pencils, notebooks, phone cases, to even mugs, hats, and socks, all under the theme of "A message from YG. That's Our Pleasure."

According to MMMG (Millimeter Milligram), they observed the employees of YGE and after having talked to them and seeing their passions and ideas, they created the various products from their inspiration.

They also state that "You Great" is a short and sweet phrase that represents "story of YG as well as the story of everyone who works hard at what they do."

A complete list of products can be seen here.

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· Posted September 19, 2013 @ 11:13 am

YOU. GREAT. YG. #nuffsaid #backpack

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