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KARA to make solo comebacks on different music programs

December 7, 2012 @ 2:51 am
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The members of KARA have revealed that they will be will be making their solo comebacks individually on separate music programs.

Having confirmed their comebacks, the girls are currently working out their schedules with each of the music programs. Considering that there is only a limited amount of space available per program, it'll be impossible for all of the members to perform their solo stages on every music show, so fans should look forward to final decisions on who will be performing where.

Their solo stages were a part of their 'KARASIA' tour and were also released as Korean and Japanese versions. DSP Media stated, "Although the girls haven't had any official promotions for the Korean versions of the songs, we have prepared surprise comeback stages for their fans in time with their digital release."

Check back to see who performs on what program!

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