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JYJ's Jaejoong releases teaser in the studio for upcoming solo album

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JYJ's Jaejoong has released a video teaser in the studio for his upcoming solo album!

The video shows clips of him singing a line from his song. A representative of his agency had previously stated, "Fans have shown an explosive response upon hearing news that the album will contain various rock genre songs. This winter, Jaejoong's explosive vocals and soothing voice will captivate everyone."

"Kim Jaejoong's first solo album release has been confirmed to be January 17th," said CJeS Entertainment. "To mark the release and his birthday, he will be putting on a special concert on January 26th and 27th."

The mini album will be focused on the rock genre, and has been revealed to contain a song composed by Jaejoong, who also wrote the lyrics for all of the songs on his upcoming release.

The upcoming concert, which will feature performances from his new album, will be titled "Your, My and Mine"."As I was writing the lyrics for this album, I thought about all of the stories I wanted to tell and everything that made me happy." Jaejoong said. "Through my concert, I hope that it will be a chance for my fans to get in touch with that side of me. I ask for your continued interest."

Check out the teaser below!

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