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Huh Gak expresses his anger over prank texts to his father

December 15, 2012 @ 1:02 pm
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Huh Gak expressed his anger over prank text messages that have been sent to his father.

He tweeted on the 15th, "Seriously, who is doing this. Bold enough to send my dad prank text messages and to lie and say that you're my classmate from elementary school. You're daring, [aren't you]."

Huh Gak added, "If you lie or do something like that again, I won't let it go. Because of you, he has to change his number again. Ah, I'm so irritated. Should I tell you my number too? Stop fooling around," warning the overzealous fan that he will take action.

Netizens commented, "People are too much sometimes", "How did this person find out your father's phone number?", "I hope it doesn't happen again", and more.

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