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Baek Ji Young to return to the music scene with a new ballad in January

December 6, 2012 @ 6:56 am
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Singer Baek Ji Young will be coming back with a ballad in January!

On December 5th her agency WS Entertainment shared that Baek Ji Young will be making a comeback to the music scene with a new track. The singer's new project comes 8 months after her most recent release which happened back in May with a dance track 'Good Boy.'

Having revealed that the new track will be a ballad, Baek Ji Young already has fans anticipating the upcoming release, for the singer has previously received a lot of love for her ballads. She also received the nickname 'OST Queen' because the dramas she sang for, such as 'Iris' and 'Secret Garden', became huge hits.

This new track by Baek Ji Young will be released as a digital single. A representative commented, "She is planning to meet the public with a new ballad track. We will reveal the details of the song in due time."

Source: Star News via Nate



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