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B.A.P, Primary, Dynamic Duo, and more partner up with Nike's 'Air Force One' for its 30th anniversary

December 12, 2012 @ 5:07 am
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B.A.P was recently selected as style icons for Nike brand 'Air Force One's 30th anniversary, while PrimaryDynamic Duo, and Supreme Team's Simon D released a song "naliGood!!!" for the occasion.

Nike stated, "You can check out 'Air Force One's innovative future through the opening of an online and physical gallery." It was also revealed that project group, 'The Ones', will be unveiled for the anniversary and will showcase five teams including B.A.P as the 'Style One', rapper Primary as the 'Creative One', media artist Tae Oh Park as the 'Innovative One', and more for a total of five specialty teams.

Nike also revealed their reason for selecting B.A.P as their style icon and shared, "B.A.P received recognition nationwide for their differentiated style since their debut and are K-pop artists who can lead the future as fashionistas of the next generation. They are well suited for this year's 'futuristic' campaign."

B.A.P's full photoshoot will be revealed through 'The House of Force' gallery which opens today (December 12th).

Check out the some of the released photos of B.A.P and their interview clip as well as the "naliGood!!!" song below!


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